• Current situation – all customer service (call center) based ordering, offline customer onboarding in SAP ERP (time intensive process)
  • Key pain point for them was the lack of smaller B2B customers using their services; they aim with this project to cater to this market, increase revenue and digitize customer onboarding.
  • Required the integration and automation of a complex hedging process; order needs to be confirmed by both SAP ERP and JPMC(LME price service provider)
  • For customer registration, the GST validation was required to be done real time to authenticate before onboarding the customer.
  • SAP To HDFC Integration – Customer registration creates a virtual account with HDFC for each approved customer; the balance in the virtual account to be visible real-time


Solution Overview

  • SAP Commerce Cloud 1905 & Integration with SAP ERP (ECC) using SAP Commerce Platform Integration (SCPI) Live price integration with JPMC (for metal prices), KPMG GST API Integration, Twitter feed integration with HZL’s Twitter handle, “News & Updates” integration with HZL main website & HDFC Virtual Account Integration.

Why  SAP Commerce Cloud

  • SAP provided a fully managed robust and scalable cloud solution with niche implementation partner -1Digitals.
  • Integrates well with the current technology ecosystem in place; real-time integration with SAP ERP

Implementation Success

  • Implemented the complex B2B Customer Portal in under 6 Months
  • First of its kind portal to be implemented in India with live LME price integration
  • End-to-end automation from customer onboarding-order placement -order processing with real-time integration with SAP ECC


  • Customer onboarding is completely digital, simplified and easier to track and manage.
  • There is predictability in business now; they have an increased control and visibility on the margins
  • Live price visibility (updated every 5 seconds) throughout the checkout journey ; increased transparency and more control for the end-users to place orders
  • Self service capabilities for the end-user to manage their profile, account detail and access order related resources decreases the load on the HZL’s CSR team.
  • Customized reports (specifically order related) for HZL to leverage for compliance and help their internal audits

What specific partner expertise helped the customer to succeed?

  • With a niche focus on Commerce implementations, 1Digitals extensive experience with working on similar projects provided a significant productivity advantage.
  • 1Digitals B2B accelerator built on top on SAP Commerce had an impact on reducing the project timeline.
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