4Homes is a marketing and distribution company promoting the brands of leading manufacturers of kitchenware, tableware homeware, tea & coffee and beauty products in the GCC region; and of baking & cake decoration products, in the larger MiddleEast region.


The Customers Challenge

  • Customer was seeking a SAP based Marketing solution, that can help them to consolidate, profile, segment, recognize and target their prospective and returning customers in an effective manner across their e-Commerce, Retail and Distribution channels.

Solution Overview

  • Integration mechanism for consuming bulk data into Hybris Marketing.
  • SAP Marketing for workflow, reports, segmentation and campaign management

Reason SAP Commerce Cloud was selected

  • To enable eCommerce, retail, and other channels to push data into / pull recommendations. API development from SAP Marketing Cloud to expose below entities via CPI:
  • Customer details
  • Corporate Org (if required)
  • Order & Interactions
  • Product

Implementation Success

  • Features provided by SAP Marketing Cloud in customer profiling, segmentation, targeting, campaigning, reporting etc.
  • Import existing customers & order data from various channels into the system.
  • Build APIs using SAP’s Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) to enable eCommerce, retail and other channels to push data into SAP Marketing Cloud.
  • Collect all customer & interaction data within this platform. It enables the marketing team to analyze customer demographics/interactions, target campaigns via email/SMS and measure the success of such campaigns.


  • Centralized marketing database that gives uniquely identifiable customer data, consolidated across all ecommerce, retail and distributed channels.
  • Each country will have its own “Marketing Area” with ability to control access to only those marketing users working on that country’s marketing efforts.
  • Purchase information from ecommerce & retail channels which can be used for analysis, reporting & targeting.
  • Ability to send email/SMS campaigns to an identified target segment.
  • Ability to measure campaign success in terms of reach and response. Ability to create Product Recommendations based upon imported order dataWhat specific partner expertise helped the customer to succeed?
  • 1Digitals had an insight into topic and could understand the client’s needs well as a result of a previous collaboration.

What specific partner expertise helped the customer to succeed?

  • In-depth understanding of problems; which was successfully mitigated in proposed solution
  • Analytics & Targeting: SAP Marketing Data Management, segmentation & Recommendations
  • Contextual customer experience: SAP Marketing conversion & acquisition
  • Insights, Planning & Orchestration

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